“Complete each entry with the following:”


Siap penyertaan lengkap harus mengandungi butir-butir seperti:

1. Answer this question: Tell us 3 ways how you can connect with a stranger? (Up to 150 characters) / Jawab soalan ini: Beritahu kami 3 cara bagaimana anda boleh berhubung dengan orang yang tidak dikenali? (Sehingga 150 huruf)
       E.g. 1. Say Hello!
              2. Flash a smile!
              3. Offer a Mentos®!

2. Full Name of Participant (as per IC) / Nama Penuh
       E.g. John Smith

3. Email / email

4. Contact Number / Nombor Telefon
       E.g. +601X-XXXXXXX

5. MyKad / NRIC / Nombor Kad Pengenalan
       E.g. 000000-00-0000

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1X Bangkok Trip for 2 (Flight, Accommodation and Travel Allowance)


5X winners of RM500 worth of Travel Vouchers for 6 weeks


2X Daniel Wellington Couple Watch







2X sets of G-shock and Baby G



1. Give a wider smile,say “”hello”” and ask “”what’re you doing here?””
2. “”you look so tired,may I help you with a simple magical show?””
3. Hide the mentos in the handkerchief.Ask he/she to blow the handkerchief. And Mentos have appeared.””This is for you!””After eating,you’ll will feel fresh and fall in love with MENTOS!”” “”See you soon and i’ll show other magical show with MENTOS.””

Tan Lay See

1) Hi man, since you are having toast, our restaurant is giving you a free sweet.
2) I smile delightfully and say : “” you are the lucky one ! “”
3) It is Mentos, for a man with toast !

Lai Ed Na

1. Make eye contact with a person, then in front of them pop a Mentos in your hand.
2. Bring both hands behind your back, then bring it forward to ask the person to guess which hand holds that one Mentos
3. Whichever hand they guess, whether right or wrong, give them the entire Mentos tube anyway because they deserved it for being a sport. And that, might get you a new friend!

Loh Chia Hur

1. Camp at a spicy food restaurant
2. Look for the “”Tak Tahan Pedas””, ones who sweat like they are in Sahara
3. Bring them back to Malaysia with Mentos Cool Chews and connect!


1. Hi, can i tell you a story?
Once open a time there was a boy named peter pan who lived in day he meet captain hook and give him MENTOS. A miracle happened, they became friend. The end.
2. With the sweeteat smile offer a MENTOS and said “”WHO SAYS NO TO MENTOS”” even a captain hook, right?
3.Became friend and stay connected.

Lee Jo Ann

1.Give Mentos with a note I CHEWS YOU as my friend
2.Say Hi, here’s a Mentos for encourage-mint!
3.Offer Mentos and say We’re Mentos be friends!

Ang Wan Row

1. Sing PPAP “”I got a Mentos. I got a stranger. Ugh, lets be friends!””
2. Drop a Lime Mentos, say “”Sorry I’m bad at pick up Lime””
3. Ask for a Mentos!

Yee Lisan

1. Offer a kind compliment
2. Share food, after all that’s what makes us truly Malaysian!
3. Have an E.T light moment when you offer a tube of mentos!

Chew siew ting

1. When seeing somebody is upset, offer a mentos to them and make them happy thus we can be friends after that.
2. Do u have a mentos?
3. I am addicted to mentos, can u help me finish all?